Hi, I am Marianne. I love Jesus.

I realise that I need to create this space to save and share all the hopes and joy that I have been receiving. It is overflowing which I cannot keep to myself but also share this living hope inside of me. All my being and who I have become right now is all because I am intimately and purely in love with Jesus.

Are you worried? restless? hungry for a saviour?

I do believe we all have days that we are fighting to live that ideal life which is why we get lost along the way but with the help of Jesus – I am still alive and remaining in HIS LOVE. Guess what? Jesus overcome the world, overcome death. Living life with him and for him life gets clearer and clearer along the way – knowing who He really is in a personal way, knowing my purpose, knowing my identity as a woman,  contentment, love, His perfect will, and His Kingdom. The clarity of all this things help me become rooted and strengthened to battle all the storms that continually comes to my life.

The purpose of this blog

This blog is a beacon of light like the lighthouse, hence that’s why it’s the logo (thank you to my cousin Roi). I am not imposing nor forcing on anyone’s belief but if anyone is willing to ask, seek, and knock. I am always ready to share and help out when I can.

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