Her (Review)

Rating this movie: 9.8/10

Recommending this movie to: University students, Artists, Indie movie lovers, Dystopian story lovers, Futuristic setting lovers, Aspiring film makers, and For people who wants weird movies like me.

  • Original
  • Witty
  • Great music
  • Heartbreaking
  • Captivating

This movie was recommended by a friend of mine, we usually have the same taste when it comes to artistry. The movie was mainly starred by Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore and the voice of Scarlett Johansson as an OS program named Samantha. Let me start by saying this, the movie is unique and heartbreaking.

It is about a deeply emotional man, Theodore, who is in the process of divorcing his wife, which I personally think made him depressed and empty. There are times he would take a trip down to memory lane remembering the good moments he had with his wife. Moreoever, Theodore works as a love letter writer? or uhm.. simply a writer. He works for a service company that writes love letters to the requests of their clients; Theodore basically knows the lives of their clients and is acting as third wheel pretending to be his clients and deeply merged himself emotionally to write the letter for them and he’s basically the one writing the love letters instead of his clients, again – weird. But, a great idea.  The time and setting of this world is way futuristic in terms of technology but ironically, a service for love letter? really? – again, weird. Still, i love the idea.

Theodore stumbled upon a advertisement campaign regarding the newest, innovative,  and evolving OS program – called OS1, it is simply like Siri and Google but has way more senses and consciousness. Theodore acquired the OS and have chosen a female voice for the program which is voiced by Scarlett Johansson. The intelligent OS program named herself Samantha, so Theodore could call her by a name. Theodore quickly made a friendly attachment to Samantha that also turned into an intimate attachment. However, an OS and a human being? – again, weird.

The thing i liked about this movie is everything!!! From cinematography, scriptwriting, plot, idea, actors, actress, artistry, and more. I would like to share this part of the film wherein I felt like I was transported to their world:




I honestly love this movie deep down inside my heart. However, I didn’t rate it a 10 because there is an erotic scene which made me cringe a lot. It is funny and at the same time emotional but it really did make me cringe. XD


Switched at Birth (Review)

I rate this TV series: 4 stars / 5 stars

I highly recommend this TV series for parents, daughters, and sons.

  • Heartwarming
  • Funny
  • Educational
  • Controversial
  • Building Relationship

I discovered switched at birth when I was in freshman and I must say that this is one of the TV series I was hooked on because of the rarity of the story. The story revolve around two girls, which were starred by Vanessa Marano as Bay Kennish and Katie Leclerc as Daphne Vasquez, they were literally switched at birth accidentally and they discovered it years later when the girls were already all grown up as high schoolers.

Bay Kennish grew up with an upper-class family, while Daphne Vasquez grew up with in a working-class family with a single mom who is Regina Vasquez, and with her grandmother, Adrianna Vasquez. Both Bay and Daphne have a lot of differences, and one of their differences is Bay is hearing and Daphne is deaf, so really, imagine how difficult adjusting to that kind of relationship. As their relationship grows, they had many conflicts but soon they actually realise they have a lot in common as well; they have soon become real sisters even though they are biologically not related. Their family story is practically a roller coaster ride, imagine being switched at birth with two different environment or different worlds?

Moreover, what do I liked about this show? I really like the life advices given by parents in here, it is influential, and it remained in my heart. I also like the story about the deaf community, it completely removed my ignorance because of this great awareness by the TV Series. I also like how realistic the acting were; I honestly felt like I was part of family; they are just insanely good. One last thing I loved, I loved the bravery of the writers and director on making episodes regarding several controversies that are now relevant and being discussed worldwide. Now, what don’t I like about this show? since the show was underrated and not appreciated by many people, they started really good but they ended it fast, I always think of “If only there would be more episodes or seasons”. (Sigh) It just really devastated my heart that they ended it on Season 5. I also feel like that season 5 had a really fast phase, but they ended the season with justification. So the talents of the writers were really highlighted, so I truly applaud them.